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Bow Windows, Tomball, TX If you want to add depth to a space and your home's structure allows it, bow windows might be a fantastic addition. We customize these features at Woody's Windows and serve residential and commercial customers in and around Tomball, Texas. We are a market leader in the business, providing high-quality bow windows from reputable companies.

What Are Bow Windows?

Bow windows are often mistaken for arch-shaped bay window additions, but they are more than that. Several traits distinguish them.

Bay windows are always comprised of three distinct windows. One is in the middle, and one is on each side. The biggest one runs parallel to the outer wall, while the remaining two run diagonally. When seen from above, the overall arrangement resembles a trapezoid.

Bow windows are unique in that they are shaped like a half-oval when seen from above. They have at least four windows, which gives them a more rounded appearance. Each glass panel is a straight line organized so that they create an arch with the least amount of frame and hardware possible.

While there are fewer options for bow windows, you may still customize them to your satisfaction. You can choose the number of panes, as well as the color. The only aspect that you cannot alter is the rounded form.

The Advantages of Bow Windows

There are several reasons to add bow windows, including the following:

  • Bow windows are an often-overlooked alternative that is sometimes mistaken for the more common bay window. They provide the lightest and most space improvement of any window style.

  • Bow windows are the optimal choice for maximizing natural light infiltration. They offer even more functionality than bay windows and far more than regular windows.

  • Bow windows provide the most outstanding design flexibility. They're large and open, allowing you to accomplish anything you want with the room.

These are just a few of the benefits that bow windows provide. They're an excellent way to infuse your house with sophistication.

Our experts will supply you with bow window specs and information to assist you in making an educated decision. We never compromise on quality and with us you can always be sure to get the best features at cost-effective pricing.

If you're searching for custom bay windows, we at Woody's Windows are the company to call. For more information, get in touch with our experts at 281-351-2233, or fill in this Online Form, and we will get back to your shortly.
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